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Miramonte Elementary School is located in unincorporated South Los Angeles within the Florence-Firestone area. We are an urban school serving a minority community that is predominantly Hispanic. The residents, for the most part, are low income. 

The school is in its first year of operating on a traditional track calendar which serves pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students. Miramonte is a school-wide Title 1 program school. Classrooms are organized according to the guidelines contained in the Master Plan for English Learners that take into consideration the language proficiencies of each student. Our instructional programs reflect the California Department of Education Curricular Frameworks and California Standards. Our school is focused on the LAUSDTeaching and Learning Framework.

Miramonte’s kindergarten through 6th grade programs service 1,396 students, of which 98% are Hispanic and 2% African-American. 56% of the students are English Language Learners and about 1% of the students are considered migrant students. 100% of our students receive free/reduced price meals under the Federal School Lunch program. The School Readiness Language Development Program (pre-kindergarten) services 60 additional students on our school campus. Miramonte is part of the Fremont Family of schools.

The current faculty is made up of 64 general education teachers, four Special Education Teachers, and two Resource Specialist Teachers. The faculty also includes a part time psychologist, an early behavior intervention counselor, a full time pupil services and attendance counselor, a full time nurse, a Title 1 categorical programs adviser, an English language learners categorical programs adviser, one Instructional Coach for ELA, one Instructional coach in mathematics, one Bridge Coordinator, one Title III Access to Core Coach, one Instructional Coach for Intervention (RtI2), a part time music teacher (1 day per week) and a speech and language teacher. The school’s administration is composed of a Principal and one part time Assistant Principal Elementary Instructional Specialist (EIS). Providing additional direct support to the students are twenty eight teacher assistants. Our teachers are 100% fully credentialed.
Miramonte has an up-to-date computer laboratory, portable laptop carts for the classrooms, document readers for all classrooms, a fully renovated library (courtesy of the Wonder of Reading program and school fund raisers), computer technology in every classroom that consist of 4 to 7 computers, with wall-mounted televisions with VCR and DVD capacity in every room, a digital marquis mounted on the front of the school to provide 24 hour communication to the parents and community, and a state of the art projection system in the auditorium.

Parents and community members have many opportunities to be involved and participate in the decision making process through regularly scheduled School Site Council (SSC), Compensatory Education Advisory Council (CEAC), and English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC). There are additional opportunities for parental involvement through the school volunteer program, parenting classes provided by EL NIDO, parent education workshops that include math and literacy strategies, citizenship classes, a women’s support group, Planned Parenthood Classes and nutritional classes. Miramonte boasts a strong relationship with First Five of Los Angeles- Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) through the sponsorship of a child care room for parents who attend functions in the Parent Center. Additional opportunities to attend trainings on the Miramonte School campus are offered through the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) and the Latino Family Literacy Project. PIQE offers specific training to parents on how to prepare their children for college. Also, MALDEF will provide a 12 week program to promote parent involvement and college bound ready. Also, last year our parent volunteers implemented a Safety Valet Drop Off Zone for students in which all parents are welcomed to participate in assuring students are dropped off safely in the morning.

Miramonte requires parents to attend two formal parent-teacher conferences where they receive face-to-face progress reports from the teacher and have the opportunity to review Language Arts assessment and mathematics periodic assessment data. Parents are encouraged to request conferences any time they see the need and to make unannounced visitations to their child’s classroom.

The main structure for governance at Miramonte is through the School Site Council that receives regular input from the Compensatory Advisory Council, English Learners Advisory Council, Instructional Team, the Gifted and Talented Parent group, the Special Education COST Team, the GSAT team from the Academic English Mastery Program and a number of other committees for a host of seasonal events.

Other significant instructional and intervention programs include Extended Year School for Special Education Students, RTI2 Intervention Program (locally designed), Intersession classes for Far Below & Below Basic students, Migrant Education Program, Emergency Immigrant Education Program, Art Enrichment through the Arts Program and Beyond the Bell Art Education’s traveling enrichment teachers, Kindergarten Academy (provided by the Los Angeles First Five arm of the Los Angeles Education Partnership), small group tutoring funded through Title III and QEIA funds, Beyond the Bell’s Ready Set Go, Youth Services and Youth Development Services after school programs, and additional field trips sponsored by Metro Transit, local Universities, and local museums. School wide annual events include a Read Across America month, our Annual CST Academic Achievement Ceremony, Black History celebrations that include a museum, attendance contests, an annual spelling bee, Family Literacy Night, Math Family Night, recognitions for academic achievement and citizenship, and Student of the Month Award presentations. Our child authored book campaign is showcased during Open House week. In collaboration with the District Attorney’s office, Miramonte has the Abolish Chronic Truancy (ACT) Program to address chronic attendance problems. In addition, Miramonte has an Attendance Motivation Program to reward and acknowledge students for good attendance. We have also implemented a Schoolwide Discipline Program in order to improve student behavior. The Schoolwide Discipline Program includes the Owl Buck Program which rewards students and/or classes that are exhibiting exemplary behavior. We have created a Student Council, which is comprised of elected students from each track who serve as leaders of the school and set examples for the students. They are involved in school and community activities throughout the school year.

As part of Response to Intervention and Instruction (RTI2), this is our second year of implementation of a school-wide system of intervention. In collaboration with teachers and support staff we have created a school based intervention program to provide each student with access to essential learning. We have seven Tier 1 intervention Language classes.The proficiency of each student is assessed in a way that is timely, authentic, and consistent. Teachers collaboratively plan and provide differentiated instruction. As a Tier 2 Response to Intervention, we are developing classroom intervention using multiple common formative assessments including DIBELS Next. As a Tier 3 Response to Intervention and Instruction, Miramonte Elementary School is implementing a pull-out intervention program which includes Systems 44, a technology- based program. In addition, trained paraprofessionals conduct small group interventions under the supervision of one Instructional Intervention Coach.

Even though there has been a continual and steady rise in standardized test scores since 2000, Miramonte is a Program Improvement Year 5+ school. The 2011 Adequate Yearly Progress report indicates that in the areas of Language Arts and Mathematics our students did not meet the proficiency target rate of 67.6% in ELA and 68.5% in Math. All of our subgroups did not meet AYP targets. According to the 2011 APR Report, Miramonte dropped 2 points in API. In the past three years, Miramonte has demonstrated an average growth of 12.6 points.